Pellet is one of the most efficient and renewable fuels, generated from biomass. Sawdust used during the production process is being compressed into granulated substance called pellets. The combustion leads to almost no emission of carbon dioxide. That is why pellet is ranked to be one of the natural sources of energy. The minimal amount of ash left after the burning process can be used as a mineral fertilizer.

Biomass should be used because of many reasons, one of which is its harmlessness to environment. The amount of CO2 emission is equal to this, which is being absorbed by plants while photosynthesis process.

Biomass heating technology is being increasingly profitable – its prices are competitive to other fuels’. One of the significant assets of pellet is that it can be made from locally available raw material, id est sawdust. 

As the Earth friendly fuel, pellet gives the opportunity to lessen the problem of waste management and exploitation of fossil fuels.

This heating material is widely known among many countries such as : Austria, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and gains more and more support each day. That is the reason why pellet is considered to be THE BIOFUEL of the 21st century.