Wooden pellets
Wooden pellets


- is an efficient and renewable product which comes from biomass. As an ecological fuel pallet is made of sawdust compressed under high pressure. During the combustion there is no emission of carbon dioxide. Hence pellet is considered to be a natural source of energy. The ash which is left after the process of combustion can be used as a mineral fertilizer.

Another big advantage of the product is that pellet can be produced from locally available sources (sawdust).

Biomass is really using worth for many reasons. The product is environment friendly because the emission of CO2 to the atmosphere is equal to the amount absorbed by plants .Biomass heating technology is very profitable- the prices of the fuel are competitive with oil, coal etc . As an economic products pellets offer the advantage of using the wastelands.

This heating material is widely used in many countries such as: Austria, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and gains more and more advocates. That is the reason why pellet is considered to be THE BIOFUEL of the XXI century.
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